Penny Stock Egghead Review – 5 Things You Need To Know

one_trade_a_week_002This Penny Stock Egghead review will tell you 5 things you need to know about the program, but let’s be real.  There’s only one thing you really want to know:  does
Penny Stock Egghead work? 

I’ll answer that question and more.  If you are looking for the official Penny Stock Egghead site, click on the link below.

OK, so does Penny Stock Egghead really work?  Can Nathan Gold, the egghead behind the program, consistently, week after week, find the golden goose stock that’s ready to explode?  According to my research, the short answer is, yes, about 75-85% of the time.  If you like those odds, keep reading.

First, a bit about the penny stock market…

Before we go on, here’s a big disclaimer.  Yes, penny stocks have the potential to earn you insanely huge profits in a short amount of time.  But let me be very clear, penny stock investing is very risky and should not be attempted without the right mindset, information, process and plan.

So, if it’s so risky, why do people even consider investing in penny stock companies?  In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cautions that “investors in penny stocks should be prepared for the possibility that they may lose their whole investment.”  Yikes!  Yet, penny stock investing has never been more popular.   Why is that?

Well, today’s savvy penny stock investors might be risk takers, but they’re not gamblers.  Instead of throwing their money at a casino or a lottery where the odds of winning are stacked against you, they understand that penny stocks have very predictable patterns.  The trick is identifying the patterns and indicators that point to an undervalued company ready to explode in value.

For this article I researched the top Penny Stock Newsletters and programs, all claiming to be the Holy Grail of penny stock picks and outlined them below.  My conclusion is Penny Stock Egghead is the best of the bunch.  Read on to find out why.

5 Things You Need to Know

Penny Stock Egghead Review1.  What exactly is Penny Stock Egghead?

Quite simply, it is a carefully designed program that advises it’s members on penny stock investment opportunities that have the highest probability of yielding profits.  When you buy the program you’ll get the following:

  • Weekly newsletter with one stock recommendation and details why it’s recommended
  • PDF Start Guide so even the newest investor can get started quickly
  • Training videos to guide you through the process and jargon of stock trading

Look, less than 3% of all penny stocks will ever yield a profit.  Picking a successful investment requires pain staking research of the business, including business plan, general operations, owners personal interest and other facts.  It also requires lots of number crunching.  That’s what The Penny Stock Egghead does in order to come up with each weekly pick, thereby eliminating all the hard work, the guess work and most of the risk.

2.  Who is Nathan Gold and why should I care?

Nathan Gold, the egghead of penny stocks, is the mastermind behind the program.  He is a a self-proclaimed math nerd turned penny stock guru.  All of the prospective stocks are put through a rigorous, week long, 17 point test he developed called Gold’s Gauntlet.  If a stock passes this test it may be considered for recommendation to the members.

Nathan has a pretty impressive track record for picking winning stocks.  Of course, not all picks are winners, that’s the nature of the stock market.  (Even Warren Buffet can’t pick all winners!) But overall his picks are profitable.  In his video, Nathan takes you through a hypothetical scenario where if an investor had made 5 trades as advised by Nathan, a $1000 investment could turn into $5.7 million.   That’s the power of penny stock trading.

Nathan Gold egghead3.  What are the benefits of the program for me?

  • Penny Stock Egghead gets results.  Period.
  • There’s no bogus promises that you’ll make millions over night.  The training has a systematic wealth creation plan.
  • The program is easy to understand and execute.  The One-Pick-A-Week approach eliminates all guesswork.
  • It’s great for all skill levels, even if you’ve never made a stock trade in your life.
  • The program is risk averse.  You are counseled and educated on how to stay profitable.
  • The program is reasonably priced at $97 for lifetime access, which is far less expensive than most of the other programs out there
  • The program comes with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee, so you can essentially take an 8 week test drive to see if this is right for you

4.  How does Penny Stock Egghead stack up to the top competitors?

Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Conspiracy:  Timothy Sykes is a well known investor.  His basic program sells for $47 before the heavy upsells.  He publishes a weekly newsletter with multiple  picks and has a chat room for his subscribers to interact.  His basic program also comes with his book, “Secrets of Millionaire Traders” and a blueprint of the trading process.  Some may like the book and the blueprint, but it was too much information for me.  Also, I found the multiple picks confusing.  How do I know which one is the very best?  However, other investors may like having more options.

Jason Bond Picks:  This is a more in-depth program for people who are, or want to become day traders, or swing traders themselves.  His program sends you alerts on the movement of the stocks so you’ll know when to buy and sell.   The price of this program is $297 a quarter.  I found it too expensive for my taste, and also too complicated.  But it would be a great option for a serious investor.

Penny Stock Profit:  This is a very popular newsletter that also sells for a one time fee of $97.  There is no training and no chat room, just the newsletter.  In researching this product I found some negative information that makes me wary of this product.  Hidden inside the newsletter’s disclaimer they indicate that In some cases PSP receives compensation from the company they are promoting and have the right to buy and sell shares before releasing the profile to subscribers.  To me, this screams conflict of interestNo thanks.

5.  OK, you listed all the pros, what are some of the cons?

  • There is no chat room.  Other programs offer this service, and some investors find it helpful.
  • As much as I like the program, the website is pretty outdated.  In fact, when the video started talking about the Great Recession, I almost clicked off the page.  We are in a bull market now.  However, the principles behind small cap, or penny stock investing are constant no matter what the market is doing.    That’s why I like the concept of penny stocks.  I’m glad I listened to the message all the way through.

Here are my final thoughts.

The secret to being successful in any penny stock investment program is to get in and out fast, when your advisor tells you to.  Don’t become emotionally attached to any investment.  The successful traders understand this.  Follow the advice you’ve paid for.

8 week test driveThe Penny Stock Egghead program provides a simple, common sense, risk averse approach to trading penny stocks.  The program offers an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  For the first two months you can use the program to make live trades, or trade on paper and track your results, which ever you prefer.  You can request a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

The membership is a one time fee, not a monthly subscription.  I think this program is a great value for anyone interested in a simple approach to short term investing in penny stocks and I highly recommend Penny Stock Egghead.

If you’re ready to be make some money trading penny stocks check it out here.